Hog Roast Bargeddie

Hog Roast BargeddieThe Hog Roast Bargeddie team are on hand to meet all of your event catering needs in and around this quiet Lanarkshire village. Not only can we wow you and your guests with the finest slow-roasted pork in the area, we are also able to provide an extensive array of menu options that are ideal for any occasion, meet a diverse range of dietary needs and suit all budgets.

Our ethically-reared slow roasted pork sandwiches are a fabulous catering option if you need food for a community event in Bargeddie, whereas our vibrant buffets are great for birthdays, christenings and anniversaries, and our sophisticated 3 course meals are ideal for special celebrations, especially wedding receptions.

Make Sure You Choose Hog Roast Bargeddie

Hog Roast BargeddieHog Roast Bargeddie are able to cater so successfully for such a wide range of events because we work hard to make such our menus reflects a diverse range of needs. Our premium pork may be our signature dish but in order to make our food as appealing as possible to everyone, we also offer a selection of different meats, including chicken, lamb and beef, all sourced with the same level of care as our pork and all prepared using the same unbeatable slow roasting method and served with all their trimmings.

We also strive to be as considerate as possible when catering for different dietary needs and we have an impressive range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes in our repertoire, which we always receive great feedback for at every event where we are asked to provide them.

We are a highly adaptable team with the ability to make all of our dishes from scratch in any indoor or outdoor location in Bargeddie. We only ever use the finest locally sourced produce available and take great pride in the preparation and presentation of everything we put on your plate.

If you would prefer a sit-down meal for a more formal occasion, we also offer full table service and can even treat you to a canape welcome reception, courtesy of our own efficient events team.

Whether your event is large or small and taking place indoors or outdoors, the Hog Roast Bargeddie team can offer you your ideal menu and a style of service that will suit your event perfectly for any type of event taking place in the local area.