Q. Is a hog roast expensive?

A hog roast is one of the most cost effect catering options that is available. Unlike other caterers we do not charge per head, we have set costs to adhere too. The cost of a hog roast does vary depending on a number of factors such as the size of pig needed, location, date, and any other ingredients we may need. Our prices are reasonable and may even surprise you at the great value for money.

Q. Why should I choose Spitting Pig Lanarkshire?

At Spitting Pig we are proud to be the best hog roast caterers in Lanarkshire, so if you want great tasting food that will impress your guests then look no further! By only using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and free range pigs, we can truly create the most outstanding hog roast that you will have ever experienced.

Q. How many guests would a pig feed?

A medium sided pig can feed 100 guests on a plated meal or up to 200 guests on rolls. We can buy the right sized pig to feed any number of guests, and if required we have the ability to cook more than 1 pig with our fantastic range of hog roast machines for those larger scale events.

Q. Do you provide drinks?

With so much experience within the industry it would be wrong for us not to be able to provide refreshments for you and your guests. You can choose from our popular tea and coffee service, our chilled soft drinks or even a full alcoholic bar service. These are available either with a waiter/waitress or the option for a self-service drinks bar. No need to have to hire another company to do this for you when we can take care of the food and drink!

Q. Is the only option a pig?

While we specialise in hog roasts, do not be lead to think that it is all we offer! We can provide a full range of meats, and can in fact cook most animals or birds using our hog roast machines. Our classically created menus are a great starting point, however please do feel free to call us to discuss any other requirements. We can even help you create your own specially designed menu for your event.

Q. My event will be outdoor, would you still cater for us if it rains?

The Lanarkshire weather can be very unpredictable so if you are worrying about the rain we would suggest hiring a marquee for yourself and your guests. We will cook the hog under our gazebo outdoors and whatever the weather we will still provide fantastic food! Alternatively if you are able to move indoors, we are able to cook inside in a well ventilated room with enough space.

Q. Is it expensive to hire one of your machines and cook the pig myself?

We do work towards any budget range, and our hog roast machine hire is a fantastic cost effective solution for those who want to try their hand at hog roasting, yet still want the unbelievable flavours of a hog roast. Hiring our machines couldn’t be easier, we can include the pig and gas, along with a free delivery and collection service, our expert chef can run through a few tips to help you on your hog roasting way!

Q. Do I need to provide my own crockery?

Each menu comes with disposable crockery and cutlery included in the price, if you would prefer to have china crockery and cutlery for your event then there is an extra cost which if requested, will be displayed on your menu.

Q. Does it take long to cook a pig?

The cooking time is affected by the size of the pig and also the method of cooking. We do usually say 8-10 hours for a full pig, however we do sometimes cook the pig for longer to have the delicious pulled pork texture that everyone loves.

Q. Do you cater anywhere outside Lanarkshire?

The Spitting Pig do cater across the whole of the UK aswell as the whole of Lanarkshire, so wherever you are based we will be sure to have one of our sites close by!

Q. I have a number of guests who have specific dietary requirements, can you cater to their needs?

Of course, many customers do worry that their vegetarian guests, vegan guests, or gluten free guests may get left out or forgotten about with many outside caterers, especially with a hog roast. This is not the case with Spitting Pig Lanarkshire, we have some fantastic menu alternatives to ensure that everyone can enjoy a Spitting Pig hog roast!

Q. Can I change a menu if it’s not quite exactly what I am looking for?

Our menus are can be seen as just a guideline that you can take away from or even add to, we want to make sure that your event is as perfect as you imagined and if that means adding canapes, antipasti or even desserts then we will do our very best to make sure that happens!

Q. How will I know if a Hog Roast will suit my type of event?

A Hog Roast is one of the most flexible types of catering that exists, we have catered large weddings, staff meetings, corporate events and even a medieval themed birthday. There is no type of event that a Hog Roast wouldn’t suit and you’ll soon realise once your guests smell the delicious Hog Roast cooking!

Q. Are all of your staff fully trained and experienced?

Our staff have years of experience working in the Hog Roast catering business and have all been fully trained to the highest standard, we know more than a thing or two about Hog Roasts so feel free to give us a call if you have any worries.

Q. Do I need to be qualified to be able to hire the machine from you myself?

Very simply, no, you do not have to be trained or have a degree in hog roasting in order to cook yourself one delicious pig! We will make sure you aren’t left like a deer in headlights though, one of our staff members will give you a tutorial on how to use the machine, and lots of tips and tricks on how to make the crackling extra crispy whilst keeping the pork juicy!