Hog Roast Coatbridge

Hog Roast CoatbridgeHog Roast Coatbridge can provide catering solutions for any kind of large or small event taking place in Coatbridge. From small family gatherings to sophisticated wedding receptions and local community events, our flexible service style and versatile menus are ideal, whatever the occasion.

Our reputation for being any incredibly versatile catering company is just as strong as our reputation for being the best hog roast supplier in the local area. Thanks to our advanced cooking equipment and multiskilled catering team we are able to cater to an exceptional standard in any outdoor setting or more intimate indoor venue. Even if we have a very large number of diners with different tastes and dietary needs to cater for, our diverse menus have something for everyone, and we always make everything from scratch  on-site.

We are very discerning when it comes to our ingredients and we only ever select the highest quality locally sourced fare available for all of our dishes, including our ethically-reared meat, free range dairy products and organic fruit and veg.  

Professional Catering Experts In Coatbridge

Our classic hog roast sandwiches always get a great reception at every event where we are asked to provide them and our extensive buffets and more formal 3 course meals are just as popular with all our diners.

Hog Roast Coatbridge

Hog Roast Coatbridge’s high quality meat does not begin and end with pork-we can also treat you to sirloin of beef, whole roasted chicken and tender spring lamb, to name but a few. Slow-roasting is such a great way of cooking meat that it produces fantastic results for any type of meat, especially when it is the expert hands of our experienced mobile chefs.

We can also cater very effectively for vegetarian and vegan guests and we put just as much time and effort into preparing our meat and dairy-free dishes as we do when preparing our range of different meats. If you have guests with specific needs, we are always happy to adjust any dish to meet their requirements. For more formal occasions we can even supply our own individually hand crafted canapes, along with our own friendly front of house staff to present them to your guests. We also have a professional waiting team who are able to provide full table service for our 3 course menus.

Hog Roast Coatbridge can provide you with your ideal menu and fabulous freshly prepared food for any occasion.