Hog Roast Annan

Hog Roast AnnanEvent dining is no ordinary meal; it has to live up to the billing of being an event, both at the table and in the kitchen. Anything other than a unique and stylish simply won’t do for events. That is why you hire Hog Roast Annan for all of your event catering needs in Annan. Our stylish dining experience is assured to put the “event” in event dining as we deliver a unique menu and service made up of the very best roast meats and foods. Our speciality hog roast for which we are named and famed for is a once in a lifetime must try dish, combining traditionality with style, spectacle and unbeatable deliciousness.  Don’t believe us? Then you’ll just have to come and try for yourself because eating is believing!

We work to any type or size of event; weddings, corporate affairs, meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, dinner parties, and more – we’ve got them all covered. With a fresh preparation early on in the day, our team put on a fiery show of taste, sight and smell with our renowned spit roaster adding a bit of spectacle to the day. For us, the spit roaster is the only way to truly ensure a perfect crisped texture and a juicy inside of meaty and finely spiced flavour, as its many hours over the flame brings the hog roast to an exact perfection. The hog roast style dates back centuries and has been championed by cultures across the globe for celebrations and festivals, so if millions of people have been singing its praises then maybe your event needs it too today!

Stylish Servings In Annan

Hog Roast AnnanWith Hog Roast Annan events can be made your way. Event catering is an industry that changes from day to day, with no event ever being the same. With that in mind we are adaptable always and will work to bring a perfectly curated menu and service specific to your event. You can enjoy our exquisite hog roast and its many salad, potato, vegan, veggie, breaded, and meaty accompaniments in a variety of serving styles, from buffets to set menus, drinks and canapés services, indoor or outdoor dining – you name it!

Hog Roast Annan is the caterer for your event today in Annan, so get calling!