Hog Roast Cumnock

Hog Roast CumnockThe East Ayrshire town of Cumnock dates back to the Bronze Age but its growth was due to the discovery of iron and coal in the area, which saw a surge in its population and dramatically improved the local infrastructure. During its history, Cumnock had always been deemed a hive of industry and as well as being known as a major mining area, the town has produced everything from shoes to snuff boxes over the years.

Famous residents of Cumnock include the Scottish Composer Sir James Macmillain, who wrote a fanfare to mark the reassembly of the Scottish Parliament, and James Keir Hardie, who was working as a journalist in the town when he founded the Scottish Labour Party in 1888. A bust of Hardie can be seen outside the town hall, alongside the Mercat Cross, which has been in place since 1703. People who are interested in learning more about the history of the town and its mining heritage can visit the Baird Institute, which first opened its doors in 1891.

The Best Hog Roasts In Cumnock

Here are Hog Roast Cumnock, we also understand the value of hard work and the importance of remembering the past. We demonstrate this with our unrelenting commitment to providing the best hog roasts in Cumnock and with our own modern interpretation of traditional cooking methods. We believe slow roasting meat on a spit is by far the best way to cook it, especially if the meat is the finest quality locally reared produce available. If all of the positive feedback we receive after every event we cater for is anything to go by, our clients in Cumnock most certainly agree with us.

set up 3 with singerWe don’t just stop at high quality hog roasts however; we can also provide a range of other menus and services depending on your requirements and what’s more, we can cook in any location in the whole of Cumnock. We are not limited by accessibility or space because the way we cook is so streamlined and well organised, that no venue is off limits to us. This ability makes us a rather unique catering company in the local area and the Hog Roast Cumnock team would love you to get in touch, so you can discover for yourself the extent of what we can offer.