Hog Roast Dalbeattie

Hog Roast DalbeattieDon’t complicate your event dining this year, pick better and easier with Hog Roast Dalbeattie today. It’s simple, we’re the best around for your event catering needs. Spectacle, style, superb service, great foods and a unique dining experience that adds quality to your event – what more could you need?

Hog Roast Dalbeattie are delighted to be able to bring our premium dining service to the town of Dalbeattie today for your most special occasions in life. We’ll turn the whole thing into a truly brilliant, stylish and novel affair with our speciality hog roast experience. With the hog roast it is as much about the wonderful cooking process as it is about the meal on the plate; we cook in the traditional spit roast style to preserve a spectacle that has endured at events for centuries across the world. This style of cooking makes use of a huge fire pit and keeps your meat turning on a spit over it for hours, resulting in a pork roast that is wonderfully flame licked around the outside, golden and perfectly crispy, while the meat inside is extremely juicy and flavoursome.

While a whole fire pit isn’t quite feasible these days for most events, our mobile hog roasting units recreate the same process, meaning we can take the quality and style of the hog roast anywhere on the road and be set up and packed up again with ease. It makes for an efficient service that delivers unbeatable quality!

Delicious Dining In Dalbeattie

Hog Roast DalbeattieOur uniquely made hog roasts are the centrepiece to the show, but what is any performance without its backup set? With a host of meat dishes, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods there’s something to be enjoyed for everyone, no matter their palate. For your event in Dalbeattie choose to dine in an all-out buffet with guests free to reign over our fine sides, salads, and more, or work with our team to refine a perfect set-menu just for your event! The team here knows all things food and service, they’ll craft you a perfect experience for your event at an affordable and flexible budget.

It’s the dining experience of the year so be sure to call Hog Roast Dalbeattie now!