Hog Roast Gretna

Hog Roast GretnaWhen you think of Gretna you of course think of little else but weddings. The Dumfries village is historically famed as a spot for young couples to come and elope, and not still stands as a favourite for weddings on account of its history and its beautiful setting. And of course when you think of weddings what is the very next thing that comes to mind? The wedding dinner of course! Second only to the marriage service itself, wedding dining is one of the best parts of any wedding, so of course you’re going to want an event caterer who knows how to rise to the prestige of the occasion!

Hog Roast Gretna is a unique event caterer with an aptitude for stylish hog roast cooking done in the traditional manner to preserve a wondrous spectacle and aesthetic for your events. It is a once in a lifetime dining experience, only we are serving it every day! Yes, with Hog Roast Gretna we provide for any occasion, not just weddings, with low costs and helpful service – corporate function, parties, weddings, community functions, anniversaries; we will bring you premium catering at an affordable cost that works to you!

You can count on our speciality hog roast to make the dining just as special as the day it is served. Its unique spectacle and exceptional quality makes for a perfect event dish, hence why it has been enjoyed for centuries all around the world at celebrations and events. So why not grab a piece of the pork for yourself today with Hog Roast Gretna.

Wedding Dining And More In Gretna

Hog Roast GretnaHog Roast Gretna believe in quality and flexibility all throughout our service. Our menus are of a high quality, each refined to bring something different to the occasion. You can dine on our classic roast menu, a gourmet barbecue that twists on the British summertime classic, the tastes of the American south, a Mediterranean style spread, or even a combination of all as you dine your way with us! With many delicious meaty mains, veggie and vegan alternatives, all manner of sides, salads, and desserts to choose from you can enjoy a full feast served in style!

“Dine at your weddings, you only dine at your weddings” with Hog Roast Gretna! We’re just a call away today!