Hog Roast Kilsyth

Hog Roast KilsythIf you are in need of some catering inspiration for any event taking place in Lanarkshire’s northernmost town, look no further than the Hog Roast Kilsyth team.We provide the finest hog roasts in Kilsyth and a wide range of tempting menus that are ideal for all different types of community events and special occasions.

We are able to cater in any indoor venue or outdoor location whilst always providing an excellent standard of food and service, We offer everything from our signature hog roast sandwiches to large buffets and refined 3 course meals with canapes, so whatever your catering needs are, we can guarantee to be able to give you a menu that suits your requirements perfectly.

The Number One Hog Roast Catering Choice In Kilsyth

Hog Roast Kilsyth

The Hog Roast Kilsyth team are of course best known for our unbeatable slow-roasted pork, which is always loved by everyone who tries it. We only ever source our meat from the best local producers who utilise the most ethical conditions and quality is something that is very important to us. We have the same considerate attitude towards the rest of our ingredients too, from our free range dairy products to our organic fruit and vegetables.

Because we have such a versatile approach to catering, we are able to cater with great success for all tastes and diets. We have a vast selection of different meats to choose form, including chicken, beef, lamb and turkey, all served with our own special twist on their traditional trimmings. For vegetarian and vegan diners, we offer a wide choice of meat and dairy-free dishes, which always receive high praise from everyone who samples them.

For more formal occasions, one of our elegant 3 course meals with a canape welcome receptions is the ideal option for special celebrations. We can also provide our own front of house and waiting staff to take excellent care of your guests throughout your event, if you would prefer a more traditional sit down meal. From our classic hog roast sandwiches to our big buffets and complex  3 course meals, every dish we provide will be freshly made at your venue using our carefully selected, superior ingredients.

If you are looking for quality, variety and flexibility, Hog Roast Kilsyth are the ideal catering company for your big day.