Hog Roast Lockerbie

Hog Roast LockerbieIf you’re in for stylish event catering in Lockerbie then you’ve come to the right place. Hog Roast Lockerbie is a specialist event caterer providing unforgettable dining experiences to all kinds of events around the country. Our speciality is in top quality meats finely roasted in the novel and traditional style of spit roasting. We are particularly renowned for our hog roast (hence the name of course!) which is a dish that has been a mainstay of celebrations and events across many different cultures around the globe for centuries. If it is good enough for millions upon millions then surely it is good enough for your event too!

With our very own mobile spit roaster we have married traditionality with modern magnificence as our elite chefs finely spice and flavour your freshly prepared hog roast. Once on the spit roaster your pork or other roast chars throughout the day in a glorious spectacle of fiery brilliance and tasty aroma. The result is a golden crisp texturing around the skin, bursting with salty pork goodness, and a tender and juicy meat inside for some melt in your mouth goodness. We use top grade meats from local sources too to ensure the very best from every roast.

Event dining doesn’t get more of an event than this, so come see what more Hog Roast Lockerbie can offer your event today!

Stylish Bespoke Catering In Lockerbie

Hog Roast LockerbieAt Hog Roast Lockerbie we boast a huge variety of exquisite dishes to really flesh out our whole service for all. Accompanying the speciality hog roast you’ll find many other meat dishes as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free mains, sides, salads, canapés and more! Our team are dedicated to crafting a dining experience perfect for your event. From the foods we serve to the manner in which we serve them; it is all at your control with Hog Roast Lockerbie, and just to make things even better we keep our prices affordable and flexible to you without limiting our quality too!

So, remember – for the finest food catering and service in Lockerbie give Hog Roast Lockerbie a call today!