Hog Roast Maybole

Hog Roast MayboleAre you looking for top end event catering that is actually worth the price of admission? Then look no further than Hog Roast Maybole as we deliver a stylish dining experience that truly lives up to the billing of “event dining”. Our specialist catering services are refined to make the most of the occasion, serving up a unique and brilliant dining experience of the very best roasted meats and foods around. Know our special craft comes in the form of the hog roast we know that with Hog Roast Maybole there is something to be found for everyone. So, for your weddings, corporate events, private parties, social club parties and more in Maybole come to Hog Roast Maybole today and enjoy the very best in catered dining!

The hog roast of our name is our pride and joy; it’s the money maker, the showstopper, the main event for our dining services as it delivers on just about everything you could want in event dining. Style, quality, quantity, spectacle, and of course deliciousness. The hog roast has been a mainstay of celebrations and events around the world for centuries due to these very reasons, so why not grab your own today with us! With a fresh preparation and a unique method of spit roasting, your hog roast cooks throughout the day in a fiery display of sight and glorious mouth-watering smell. The result? A wonderful hog teeming with juicy flavour and crispy texture around the skin that can be served up in a multitude of incredible ways.

Magnificent Mains In Maybole

Hog Roast MayboleHog Roast Maybole hold a vast menu for every taste. If a hog roast is less your speed then not to worry, we have plenty of other meaty and veggie roasts for every guest to enjoy, as well as an extensive accompaniment of sides, salads, and small servings to make up a delicious feast of your choosing. We’ll cater in a style befitting of your event as well, whether that be with outdoor or indoor dining, a buffet service or a set menu served to the table, casual dining or formal; it’s all available with Hog Roast Maybole and we can continue to tinker to your choosing until the main day!

However you want it Hog Roast Maybole will provide it – so call today!