Hog Roast Saltcoats

Hog Roast SaltcoatsWant great event catering to your events in Saltcoats? Then Hog Roast Saltcoats is your event caterer today for a stylish, unique dining experience befitting of the “event” dining labelling. We are named so for our hog roast speciality which bring unbeatable, perfect salty pork tastes and crisp textures to your plate, all while doing so in a traditional and stylish manner!

The Scottish town of Saltcoats is no stranger to a salty treat. This breezy seaside town derives its name from its early industrial use as spot for sea salt harvesting, using the town’s natural windy waves to create a hugely important export. It seems only perfect then that Hog Roast Saltcoats should be your caterer in town seeing as we bring of those best finely salted meaty delights around! Our special spit roasted pork is sure to be the winning dish of any event!

We cook in a process akin to the Traditional fire pit spit roast, seen across the world for centuries at events, though only now we have reduced the once incredible spectacle to a more manageable and mobile unit to allow us to cook anywhere at any time! Our hog roast is made fresh throughout the day, with the spit roast ensuring a perfect result of dazzling texture and juicy meat flavour. It is simply the better way to cook and dine at events, so get calling today!

Superb And Stylish Service In Saltcoats

Hog Roast SaltcoatsHog Roast Saltcoats is dedicated to giving our customers exactly what they want from their event dining service. We have all the style and brilliance ready at your call, all we need to know is quite how to present it, and with what foods! With many varying menu items, ranging from premium meats to exceptional vegan foods and glorious platters, salads, desserts and beyond, there is plenty to keep your event fed. We can serve in many styles too. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual eat out, a day out in the sun or a night inside, Hog Roast Saltcoats has everything to make it work. We keep our services affordable and flexible to bring you the event you want.

So why wait? Hog Roast Saltcoats are available for hire today so get calling and start planning your next event now!