Hog Roast Stonehouse

Hog Roast StonehouseHog Roast Stonehouse is a fine foods and speciality roast caterer available for all manner of events in Stonehouse and through the wider Lanarkshire area. With a unique penchant for traditionally made genuine hog roasts and quality foods, Hog Roast Stonehouse are a premium caterer without the additional premium cost. Our unique brand of sizzling roasts and proper spit roast dining has seen us impress at hundreds of weddings, corporate affairs, festivals, birthdays, social club nights and more, and we’re well placed now to bring our renowned taste to you too today!

Event dining always needs to do ‘that something more’ to properly mark the occasion. It is, after all, called event dining. Thankfully the speciality dining services of Hog Roast Stonehouse achieve just that. With a team of elite chefs, we get to work preparing a freshly made roast on the day of your event, cooking it over hours on our advanced spit roaster to bring your roast to an exceptional level of perfect taste and texture. By going back to the traditional spit roasting methods of old we believe that we add a different type of quality to our services along too! Our spit roast is a dazzling display of sizzling brilliance, providing a touch of stylish spectacle along to your event for all to enjoy. It helps too, that it tastes just as good as it looks – if not better!

Stylish Dining In Stonehouse 

Hog Roast StonehouseWith Hog Roast Stonehouse event catering has never been easier. We value your time and input and take care of everything else without fuss. We value the personal touch here so with Hog Roast Stonehouse you can expect easy, approachable and friendly service. Our bespoke dining services are here for you to craft the perfect event to your own liking. With menus and services befitting of all types of event, there is little Hog Roast Stonehouse can’t do for you. Get the foods you love with the services that work for your event, all without breaking the budget! It’s premium dining, made without the premium price tag!

So, don’t miss out on such great tastes today. Call Hog Roast Stonehouse now and ensure the very best of event dining is at your next big occasion!