Growing Your Online Presence As A Caterer With Hog Roast Stow

Hog Roast StowAs well as being a caterer for private events, corporate events, and weddings, Hog Roast Stow can also be a helping hand to others looking to make their way into the catering industry. You may know already that we offer our immense hog roasting machines up for commercial hire and purchase, even when that means supplying a potential competitor. We also offer out advice to other independent businesses looking to get off the ground in this industry; this is sometimes in the form of chef training for the use of our machines our other roasting styles, sometimes it is more business focused training such as how to budget, find jobs, and even source quality ingredients for your menu.

In the interest of continuing to help other businesses in our sector, then, we want to take this opportunity to offer our advice on how to use your online presence to boost your work opportunities.

Hog Roast StowHaving an online presence is obviously so vital in the modern age. Social media can be a vital tool for any business, though it is one that is so often underutilised by even the biggest brands. Customers like to hear about what your business is up to on your social channels, or even in blogs such as this one which can be a great way of keeping your presence online while also providing another avenue to communicate with customers.

The huge advantage you have as a caterer, however, is that when it comes to social media your service is immediately eye catching, especially on channels like Instagram or even TikTok where visuals take precedence. At Hog Roast Stow, we know our foods look great, so we can get a lot of out putting up photos of our best-looking dishes on social media. There is a huge demand for “food content” online, so getting your dishes looking pretty and getting them out there can immediately get your brand name out there to customers that might not otherwise be looking for you. This could be small TikTok videos of your chefs cooking up your favourite menu, or even just well-presented images on Instagram. We know ourselves at Hog Roast Stow that something as simple as someone seeing a picture of your food can turn into a later order and new customer!