Hog Roast Bothwell

Hog Roast BothwellThe very best of event dining now comes to Bothwell as the fine team at Hog Roast Bothwell, famed up and down the country for their immense hog roasts and stylish catered experiences, arrive to deliver your events an exquisite dining menu. Hog Roast Bothwell are here for events in Bothwell with our expert knowledge on all things, meat, food, and quality service. We are a caterer who is available for any and all types of events all throughout Scotland and Lanarkshire, no matter the size of the day, the occasion, or  indeed even your budget. We’re more than happy to make your special day that little bit brighter with our premium roasts – be it weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, anniversary bashes, maybe even just a small dinner party amongst friends, Hog Roast Bothwell have you covered.

Our namesake hog roast is a joy to behold, not just to eat but also to watch being made, as our expert team tend away at our incredible mobile spit roaster until the taste and flavour of your meal is as finely tuned as it deserves to be. It is our speciality for a reason, and you’ll be able to taste and see why when Hog Roast Bothwell come calling by your event. Enjoy spectacle, enjoy style, enjoy great tasting foods all in this incredible meaty roast package with Hog Roast Bothwell today!

Hog Roast BothwellBetter Bites In Bothwell

For your events in Bothwell we have may ways to satisfy your tastes. Among our various service packages comes a whole range of different premium end foods all made from fresh on site and served in style. We have our hog roast, of course, along with alternative roast options such as beef, lamb, chicken, or even our veggie friendly BBQ jackfruit. You may also wish to enjoy our gourmet barbecue range, or our take on the spices of the American South or our sailing services to the Mediterranean with Italian platters and Greek salads. We can serve every menu in a variety of styles to match to your event too, allowing you to really craft your perfect event with us.

So don’t hesitate today. Give Hog Roast Bothwell a call today and let’s talk delicious catering now!