Congratulations, you’re getting married! As one of the most important days in you and your partners lives, planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Here at Spitting Pig Lanarkshire we know just how much pressure can be on couples planning a wedding and so we are here to help. With our years of experience catering events let us take some of the stress away and deliver you wonderful, delicious food that will leave your guests in awe.

Take a look at some of Hog Roast East Kilbride’s menus below to see what we can offer. Please bear in mind that our chefs are fully qualified and flexible so if there is something you would like adding or changing, don’t hesitate to ask! All our menus can be made personal to you.

In addition to our signature hog roasts we offer a wide variety of options if you fancy something different. Why not try our tasty sirloin of beef or chicken, better yet, why not give our turkey or lamb a try? We can even serve a nice chicken kebab and gourmet sausage and burgers. They’re not hog roasts, but they’re every bit as good! Variation is the spice of life, which is why Spitting Pig Lanarkshire offers up so many various catering selections for any wedding hog roast in Ayrshire.

Thinking about getting a hog roast but worried what your vegetarian and vegan guests will eat? No problem, our chefs are able to cater for anyone with an extensive range of meat free options such as our delicious vegetable tart, quiche, vegetable lasagne or perhaps even haloumi and vegetable skewers. The choice is yours and there are plenty of options for a hog roast in West Kilbride, just ask.

We really do want your day to shine and that’s why your menus will be ready to go well ahead of your big day and why we’ll be ready and raring to go six hours ahead of proceedings at your venue on the day itself. We’ve got it all covered!

You’ll also be pleased to hear that we’re also big supporters of free range husbandry and use free range organic produce when we can, because we see it as important to minimise practices of large factory farming, and animals reared in their natural habitat thrive, which converts into an even better tasting hog roast in Galashiels than you’ll ever have had before, we can promise that. Our love of ethical farming also helps the local Lanarkshire economy, which is something that benefits us all.

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