25th Wedding Anniversary, Hog Roast in Lamington.

It was a trip down memory lane for many of the guests at yesterday’s event that we catered for locally – the wedding vows renewal of a couple who have been together for 25 years. Jim and Cassie married in front of many of the same people all those years ago but now wanted to renew their vows in front of their 3 children and their respective partners, as well as 2 grandchildren.

The couple met with us to discuss their plan and their culinary needs. They had never hosted a hog or spit roast themselves, but had enjoyed a roasted pig immensely at a recent wedding and decided that was what they wanted for their special day. First of all, we discussed where the party would be and that was in their back garden, like many other events we have catered for over the years. It was large enough for the guests and a marquee, as well as a live band who would be providing the entertainment for the night. 

We arrived at Jim and Cassie’s house early afternoon to set up the equipment and to start slowly cooking the hog (that they had ordered through us) for several hours. The event was on the same day as their wedding anniversary, which was a nice touch, and with 25 years being a silver anniversary, the house and garden were decorated beautifully in that colour. The ceremony was itself was made quite formal, with lovely music in the background and readings of poetry by all three children bringing tears to many eyes as they all celebrated the love of these two people. The couple’s existing wedding rings were blessed and then a great speech by Jim ended in the words, “Now let’s eat!” as everyone tucked into the Hog Roast in Lamington.

The queues started to form around the hog roast in Lamington as we carved and there were some audible oohs and ahhs from the patient spectators as they watched the meat just fall off the bone. As the guests began to eat they noticed straight away how the meat melted in their mouths, which was satisfying for a chef such as myself to watch. While most guests were simply enjoying our food after filling their plates with salad, new potatoes and more meat, a beautiful fireworks display was set off, and we quietly packed away after another successful event.