A Spring Celebration Hog Roast in Coatbridge.

On a cool spring morning, the warmth radiating from a hog roast in Coatbridge being cooked to perfection to be put with a set of scrumptious sides. As we all know the weather can be a bit chilly on a spring morning, which is where we made the trek to on a frosty Sunday morning to a intricately built estate in Coatbridge on the outskirts of Glasgow to celebrate a birthday party. It was only a small formal gathering of 60 guests but we still had plenty to make including luscious legs of lamb, delicious creamed herby mash and a variety of vegetables. People often ask for our secret behind making our food the way we do and it’s all about our passion as chefs and caterers, our dedication to the role, our experience after many years of providing our service and our top of the range equipment which gives us that cooking edge. We also only use the best suppliers to keep our meat and other ingredients of a high quality. We only serve once the food matches our high expectations.

Once we’d made everything and our knives were sharpened to carve into the meat filling the room with a sensual aroma and anticipation, guests couldn’t wait to indulge themselves in the meal we’d been preparing. As we made our way around the room serving the meal we received the satisfaction of broadening smiles on the guests excited faces and the set of empty plates afterwards and the requests for seconds told us everything we needed to know about our successes. As caterers it’s our job to satisfy our clients with delectable meals and meet all their needs with our variety of menus, and on this day we certainly did exactly that.

However that wasn’t our only job of the weekend, we had three separate events to attend, one being another hog roast in Coatbridge and another being just down the road from our catering unit. Although the weekend was certainly busy it was a grand success, all our clients loved the atmosphere and food we provided to them and our caterers all had a fabulous time as well! Although the caterers have to work hard, they can also socialise with those at events