A Milestone Birthday Catered For Thanks To Hog Roast Johnstone

   Recently, the Hog Roast Johnstone team were hired by Susan for her grand 50th birthday party. They served their food on a buffet table which was served outside in the client’s stunning house for Susan’s garden party. All of the food was freshly prepared and cooked onsite so that all of the food tasted fantastic. The ingredients were also locally sourced to ensure that they tasted fresh. The food was served their buffet under a huge marquee in heated metal trays to keep the food warm.

Hog Roast Johnstone

   The Hog Roast Johnstone team served their buffet to 70 guests during an evening service. The garden was beautifully decorated for the event and was fantastic backdrop for the party. The Hog Roast team served the Southern Slow Roast menu to Susan’s guests. The classic south American menu featured a selection of spiced, marinated meats with bread rolls and wraps. Also, the team served a variety of sides including Cajun spiced sweet potato wedges, macaroni and cheese and skin-on southern style whole baked potatoes. The team also served a range of fresh salads and Memphis style coleslaw which were served in wooden bowls. To compliment the meats, the team also served a selection of hot sauces including Jack Daniels Smokey sweet BBQ glaze. The Hog Roast Johnstone team also served a vegetarian alternative of lightly grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers which were served with pitta breads and Tzatziki dip. The buffet was served on wooden crockery to help give the buffet a luxurious feel.

   The food was served by the team from 8:30pm to 9:00pm and they received some great feedback from Susan’s guests. The food was cooked by the Hog Roast Johnstone team’s chefs, Gary and Sampathi who delivered a great friendly service to the party guests. The team were really proud of the service they provided and were pleased that they could help to make Susan’s milestone a memorable event. Susan was really grateful for the hard work that the team put in to produce some great food. The service was perfectly suited to the Hog Roast Johnstone team and showcased their skilled staff.