Hog Roast Motherwell Corporate Catering For MB Aerospace

IMG_5659Hog Roast Motherwell often caters locally, at customers’ homes, and at nearby hotels and function venues, but we were recently asked to cater an event at MB Aerospace, which can be found on Logans Road. MB Aerospace manufactures components, delivers hi-tech solutions and also provides a repair service for the Aerospace and Defence markets, including from their operations in Motherwell. For this corporate event, we were asked by Lynn to cook our Menu 3 of a slowly-roasted hog for 80 guests at the Logans Road location.

We can cater any kind of corporate function that you may have in mind; from team building to your annual Christmas party or a large conference to a product launch, a hog roast is more than suitable for all these and more. What you may not know is that we can also provide much more than hog roasts if needed – from spit-roasted birds and animals to barbecued burgers and sausages or several courses of posh food, we have all kinds of options available, including catering for special diets. However, for this event, a centrepiece hog roast of ours would be the perfect food served.

On the day of the MB Aerospace event, our Hog Roast Motherwell Head Chef John and his team arrived a few hours before service, in order to set up our gazebo and serving tables and prepare the hog for its roasting. It takes hours to perfectly roast a hog, as it needs to be cooked slowly but surely, at a low temperature so that it cooks evenly, so once it was prepared on this day by scoring it all over and adding water and lots of salt, the hog roast machine was turned on and we kept a watchful eye on the pig as it sizzled away.

IMG_5660 While the event would run from 11am to 3pm, we would begin serving at 12. In addition to the meat, we would be providing garden-fresh salads and plenty of fresh bread rolls, with the latter meaning guests could enjoy our tasty pigs in buns – that’s meat, crackling, apple sauce and stuffing all crammed into rolls.

It was a fun day and by 2pm, everyone had their fill of Hog Roast Motherwell catering and we could clear away, knowing that we had satisfied some hungry tummies!